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Chinese Sculpture Magazine, the only one professional magazine of sculpture in China and even in the Asia, is an international, bimonthly magazine. It  was founded in 1,995 by  the China Sculpture Professional Committeehas and being given the honor  of  "the National One Hundred Kinds of Key Periodicals Prize " in 2003 by the chinese News and Publications Administration.

Passing through 12 years'' development, now it not only gains the guidance and sustainment from an art committee consisted of national department leaders and authoritative sculptors, but also owns one capable editors'' group including some famous sculptors and main persons in charge of chinese senior art colleges or universities. Synchronously, it  has oversea observers in the USA, England, France, Russia, Belgium, Italy, Australia, South Korea and Japan, who take charge of international art intercommunion.  "SCULPTURE"contains columns of provocative criticisms, sculptors'' information, public arts, artwork market, protection of sculptor, knowledgeable technical discussions, timely exploration of new materials and techniques, commissions, exhibition opportunities for sculptors, and so on.

Directing units:Ministry Construction of P. R. China China Association for Science and Technology Managing Unit: China National Light Industry Association
Editor:Editorial Department of Chinese "Sculpture" Magazine
Publisher:Chinese SculptureMagazine
Overseas Distribution:China International Book Trading Corporation
International Standard Issue Number:ISSN1007-2144
Domestic Unitary Issue Number:
Overseas Post Issue Number:1373Q
Post Issue Number:82-602
Operating License of Advertisement:
No.00171,Business & Advertisement of Chaoyang District,Beijing
President:Fan Weimin
Editor-in-Chief:Tao Rurang
Executive Editor-in-Chief:Wei Ming
Vice Editor-in-Chief: Zhao Meng Chen Peiyi Song Weiguang
Executive Editors:Haimin,MengJia ,Chenxin

Visual Design: Huangjie       Web Editor:Pengyue     Advertising Contact:Zhang xiujing    Issuance Director: Gao zhaoming

Legal Consultant: Lian Yan

The Activity That The Magazine Organized and Planned


Main academic activities
●"First seminar of Chinese Sculpture Art" 1995.4 Beijing
●"'96 Chinese sculpture forum "1996.6 Hangzhou; Congress subject: "Tradition-Space -Environment"
●"'97 Chinese sculpture forum "1997.7 Tsinghua University; Congress subject: "Architecture -Sculpture-People"
●"China Dongyang Sculpture Forum"1998.5 Dalian; Congress subject: "Environment -People-Sculpture"
●"First Yixing International Pottery Seminar in China" 1998.5 Jiangsu Yixing
●'99 China sculpture forum" 1999.5 Xi'an Architecture Scientific and Technical University; Congress subject: "Sculpture-Education-Innovation "
●"Sixth China Sculpture Forum" 2000.8 Fujian Huian; Congress subject: "Past-Now-Future"
●"Seventh China Sculpture Forum" 2001.7 Beijing Tsinghua University; Congress subject: "Theory-Practice-Amalgamation"
●"Eighth China Sculpture Forum"2002.8 Fujian Huian; Congress subject: "Tradition-Modern"

"9th China Sculpture Forum" 2003,Mar. Zhejiang,Changqing

"10th China Sculpture Forum" 2004,Aug. Fujian,Huian

Learning Review to America 2005,Mar. America

"11th China Sculpture Forum" 2005,Sep. Hebei,Quyang

Planned exhibitions

and activities
●"First Nation Stone carving Competition" 1992 Hebei Quyang
●"First China Modern Pottering Exhibition" 1997.10 Shanghai Xiangyang park
●"Coming To The New Century-Chinese Folk Craftwork Creation Exhibition" 1999.9 Chinese military museum
●"Beijing New Century International Women Art show" 2001.3 China art museum.
●"China industrial arts exposition 2002 Hua Yi Cup evaluation show" 2002.8 Beijing
●"Second China carving art festival" 2002.8 Fujian Huian.
●"China(Dongyang) International woodcarving art contest of 2002" 2002.10 Zhejiang Dongyang
●"2003 Tai Lake pearl-China Changxin city sculpture designing contest" 2003.4 Zhejiang Changxing

"2nd China Huian Traditional Carve Match" 2003.Hebei,Quyang

"Contemporary Art Show of China and Belgium" 2004 Jul. Belgium Lana Sculpture Park

"3rd  China Carve Art Day" 2004 Aug. Hebei Quyang

"Contemporary Art of Belgium" 2004 Dec. Beijing Sculpture Park

"2005' Shanghai Spring Salon Jingwei Culture and Art Inviting Show" 2005 May. Shanghai

"Yellow Sky and Thick Soil Sculpture Show" 2005 Jul. Beijing China Century Altar

"'Peace Eulogy' Steel Jointing Inviting Match" 2005 Aug. Beijing Shandong Penglai

"3rd Hebei Quyang International Crave Art Day" 2005 Sep. Hebei Quyang


The Magazine Subscriptions


"Sculpture" magazine begins publication in 1995 and since then it has received good reputation from the artists and many sculpture amateurs. It inosculates knowledge, foresightedness, information and journalism. It is a window to understand the domestic and foreign sculpture trends, an only academic and specialized magazine that in the sculpture field. It is not only readable but also has the very valuable to collect. You will benefit a lot to increase our sculpture specialized knowledge and widen your point of view. The magazine is composed of sextodecimo pages, completely copperplate and color printing.

"Sculpture" magazine is a bimonthly issue. It's published each even-numbered month in the middle of the month. China Mainland Price:RMB¥32; Overseas Price:US$12; May subscribe by stages; When misses the date the post office solicits subscriptions, you may directly buy this publication issue by sending mails to the publishing department, free of postage.


Bound edition: each edition of the year of 1996-2009 will be US$84.

Please subscribe the magazine according to the address and the ways below:

Address: 506Room A JinSongJiaYuan, GuangHeNanLi, Chaoyang District Beijing, China

Zip code: 100021

Contact person: Zhang Xiujing

Telephone: 0086-10-87779476

Fax: 0086-10-67709380/67763749



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